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The Wines

“Clarendon Vineyard towers high above the surrounding objects, and appears, as it truly is, a gigantic pyramid of verdure. Its slopes and summits are clothed with luxuriant vines, and their dense and verdant foliage is unbroken by one barren spot, and unvaried by one foreign plant.”

Ebenezer Ward
Australia’s first Minister Of Agriculture


This is particularly sinuous in form, with elegant aromas of white pepper, dried fig, and quince paste. The wine’s remarkably intense, with savory flavours of anise and gunmetal; it has darker, perhaps more serious flavours than various types of cherry-to-raspberry common to many Grenache wines. While particularly elegant and appetising now—a style borne of its texture and lithe form as much as its flavours—it will grow more robust in time; and with this intensity of structure, the wine has quite some time ahead of it.

AA928443-BD8F-43FF-B6B4-9499908AC179 AA928443-BD8F-43FF-B6B4-9499908AC179

*Limit (6) bottles per order


This Shiraz shows the characters this vineyard has displayed since the start, but perhaps in a more elegant, harmonious and balanced form. Its consistency is comforting and reassuring, buttressed by blue and black fruit notes throughout. It is readily enjoyable but has all the structure, acid and tannin to offer decades of rewards from cellaring.

CCEF2F6A-7808-40C7-931E-5A2531E0D3F2 CCEF2F6A-7808-40C7-931E-5A2531E0D3F2

*Limit (6) bottles per order


This Cabernet Franc reflects the variety and terroir perfectly. Not a Loire style, but rather a shining example of its Bordeaux heritage of dark fruit, anise, incredible rose petal aromatic, bergamot black tea with a shot of tannin and minerality to finish it off.


This is a lithe, sinuous, bright drink of considerable finesse and allure. While quite approachable now, this is one which will greatly benefit from some years in the cellar: it will flesh up beautifully without losing its finesse. The elegant aromas of red currant and bright black cherry offset the tannin structure, which is textbook: dry, dusty, vital and integral.

44219671-AB04-4100-92D6-EAA1AD04A4B7 44219671-AB04-4100-92D6-EAA1AD04A4B7

*Limit (6) bottles per order


This is the most homogenised, smoothly-assimilated Cabernet in recent years from Hickinbotham, reminiscent of those made by Stephen Hickinbotham in the early ‘eighties. While its aromas of bergamot and blueberry have yet to lock in and settle, the palate’s already there: fine, fresh and strapping. It’s an elegant, savoury wine now, but will smooth out and flesh up to memorable opulence with a decade or two in the cellar.


001FEF94-206E-42AC-A11E-280959620B68 001FEF94-206E-42AC-A11E-280959620B68

*Limit (6) bottles per order


A gastronomic luxury of rare style and intensity, this beautiful wine is fine, supple and utterly satisfying; evoking notes of blackberry, ripe fig, and Arabic coffee. It retains an unlikely softness given its serious long-term potential; its silky elegance is deceptive: there’s enough form in this bottle to carry it for decades.

6BEE8A3C-0883-4ADE-917E-0EEA97763A25 6BEE8A3C-0883-4ADE-917E-0EEA97763A25

*The Peake is available in a 3-bottle gift set. Limit two sets per order.